2001 4runner

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    Best Autoglass Shop?

    My 2001 4Runner is in need of a new windshield, what's the best shop (work quality/price) in the area?
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    2001 4Runner Headlight Issues

    Today, I installed new Sylvania Xtravision 9003 bulbs. I also disabled my DRL's by cutting Pin 12 in the D8 assembly under the steering wheel. I didn't want the bulbs to burn out any faster than they had to. I made sure it was the correct wire (Black with yellow stripe). It did disable the DRL...
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    Is it okay to weld on a trailer hitch reciever to the frame of a 2001 4runner?

    It's not designed for toyotas, i think it's for a ford or Chevy, at least that's what the guy i bought it for 10 bucks said. I'm not towing a boat or a motor home, it's would be for a light trailer/ recover points.