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    93 lifted 4Runner 4700$

    93 lifted 4Runner 4400$ 1993 2nd gen 4Runner, v6 with 4" Lift Sitting on BFG MT (35x12.5x15). Wheels are Crager Soft 8s with 4" offset. Maybe 170k now on a donor 3.0 3VZE motor I had put in last year (professionally). Odom reads ~197k. New flex plate done with that motor swap too. Both front...
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    New 4Runner owner

    Recently bought a Toyota 4Runner so I could reach my shooting locations and drive without fear in our short winters. Not too sure about what I'm going to do with it just yet, since I'm not planning anything too crazy in terms of adventures. Thanks goes to jfrey123 for constantly mentioning this...
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    Preventing Toyota Rusting

    I've noticed a bit of rust on my frame and inside my bumpers (the chrome ones for now) on my 2001 4Runner. What should I do to get rid of it/stop it from spreading?
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    Leveling Kit on 2001 4runner

    I wan't some more ground clearance before I go to Moab this summer (hopefully) so I thought I'd look into some leveling kits, as they get the job done for less. I'm thinking of this kind-...
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    Wind Fairing for roof rack?

    I'm trying to make a wind fairing for my roof rack. I want to cut down the air resistance and noise. Any ideas on what I can make it with or how to secure it? [/IMG]
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    Trail Gear Rock Sliders on a 4Runner- Great job ORI!

    Just got my Runnah back from the shop and it looks awesome! Just a shout out to ORI, great work, and great prices.
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    Savage Front bumper on a T4R?

    I'm thinking of getting one of these bumpers and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with them/ has an opinion about them? The price is right, and I like the look, but I'm concerned that with the great price (about $400) comes a decrease in quality? thanks:confused...
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    Wish me luck! My 4Runners 3vze and tranny extraction this weekend.

    Oh, man. Here it comes... This will likely suck. Umm, a good suck maybe? Like sweet & sour candy? (shrug) All this remains to be seen. Checklist: Shop Crane & Load Leveler Tranny Jack & Other Tools Companions/Helpers BEER! :thumbsup: Good to go. :P I'll try to get some pics and start a...
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    Wiring a lot of lights, need help

    I'm putting a Warn light bar, 2 kc daylighters and 2 off road lights from Harbor frieght on my 4runner. The Warn automatically grounds, so it only has positive leads. 5 chrome plated steel lights, 12 volts each. the light bar is going on my rack (yes, a real rack this time, not pvc...) and the...
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    What size/type of tires would you recommend for a stock 2001 4runner?

    I have 28" Liberator A/T's currently.
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    Trail Run Can a 2001 Stock 4Runner SR5 run the entire HLT

    Can a 2001 Stock 4Runner SR5 run the entire HLT? I've never been up it before and I'm worried I could hit a rough section and get stuck or something.
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    back top window switch

    88 4runner So I'm trying to find the break in the connection between the back window switch and the back window. I've read about a bolt needing to be in place for it to work. I've found that bolt, and the thing it's supposed to screw(?) into. thing is, it doesn't seem to connect anything. I...