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    Wanted My XDm 9c back! This is a buyer beware post.

    If you come across a really cheap, black XDm 9 compact, Sn# MG883237, for sale or trade, it is because the gun was stolen from Golden Valley, Reno, NV, on the night of July 3rd. It was in a Safariland OWB black kydex holster. I have a feeling it was punk-a$$ kids, but no proof. I forgot it in my...
  2. D

    WTS/WTT Once-Fired Brass: 9mm .40SW .45 .223

    WTS/WTT Once-Fired Brass: 380, 9mm .40SW .45, 38 Special Selling once-fired brass cases - mixed head stamps of Winchester, Federal, and PMC. All cases have been stainless steel tumbled inside and out making them very bright and shiny almost like new. Willing to trade, and can meet buyer at...
  3. Titan Ammunition and Arms

    Black Friday Sale 5% off

    We will be open Friday from 5am to 4pm Reno 4X4 members get gun show pricing in addition to the 5% off! First 5 people through the door get a free 50 round box of 9mm Reno 4X4 forum member pricing: 9mm 50 rnd box = $10.00 + tax 500 rnd box = $97.50 + tax 1000 rnd box = $190.00 + tax 45ACP 50...