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    One Day Technician Ham Class coming up on July 20!

    This is your chance to get a Ham License in just one day! The class is Saturday, July 20 at the NVCON convention at Boomtown Hotel and Casino. These classes have about a 95% pass rate but you do have to read the Gordon West book "2018 - 2022 Technician Class" as I think his material is the...
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    Technician Ham Class Saturday, 6/18

    OK, all you people who want to get your Ham license the easy way, here it is. This is the same class RareCJ8 is talking about. Class limit 25, we've now opened the enrollment to the rest of the world. Don't loose your spot! At least order the book so you can get started! Get your...
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    Upcoming 1 Day HAM radio class

    There will be a one-day FastClass Ham Radio License class held in Reno on Saturday, 5/4. Local Ham and Black Rock Rat David Book KD7YIM will be holding the class and says "I've done about a dozen of these classes and if people study a little ahead of time they have about a 95% pass rate. For...