1. L

    Axle swap ‘91 YJ

    I am a bit new to all the off roading community in terms of builds, but have been wheeling for a few years. I am wanting to axle swap my YJ so I can regear without worrying of axles snapping on bigger tires. The issue is I am a college student saving up every penny I can spare for it but can’t...
  2. B

    For Sale Built Dana 44 axles off 03 Rubicon

    Pair of complete Rubicon axles for sale off my 2003. Both axles have been upgraded with stronger shafts and they sport a 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern with front Warn locking hubs. The axles are in good shape and sport 4.88 gearing and stock lockers. Front axle has a Crawltech front diff cover, Warn...
  3. Dennis

    TroubleShooter's Jeep

    This is my 1997 TJ. Got it pretty much stock in December 2004, the only upgrades it had was a 2" BB lift and 31s. Then I got Rubicon Dana 44s for it, 4" RE/ProComp short arm lift, 35s and some armor.