1. Pariah

    Reno hombrewers

    Who here makes their own beer? I just recently dipped my toes into home brewing. I have an amber beer fermenting (1 week since pitching) and got my brother started on a wheat beer today. Next on my recipe list is a Saison. This has been kind of hard to nail down as there are are a lot of...
  2. A

    Wish me luck! My 4Runners 3vze and tranny extraction this weekend.

    Oh, man. Here it comes... This will likely suck. Umm, a good suck maybe? Like sweet & sour candy? (shrug) All this remains to be seen. Checklist: Shop Crane & Load Leveler Tranny Jack & Other Tools Companions/Helpers BEER! :thumbsup: Good to go. :P I'll try to get some pics and start a...
  3. M

    reno born/raised. new to site!

    i rock an old scout! lets go 4 wheeling/ beer drinkin!