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    new member looking for a rear driveline 78 k5 w/np203 4spd

    Just like the text says i need a rear driveshaft and possibly a front too. The truck gots a small lift but the driveshaft bolts in front and rear. I got the np203 transfer case and i measured from where the u joints bolt in just sitting there 43 inches. If you can help i have cash in hand. I...
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    Murdoc 72 K5

    Figured its about time to start a build thread for my rig Murdoc. Ive had. 75 K10 75 K5 and a 99 WJ before this. It should be pretty obvious i like big rigs with V8's. Ive always wanted a 1st gen blazer and I happened to fall for this one, so I trading in an 04 gmc envoy for it. Its had its ups...