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    For Sale Clean 1985 Toyota Pickup Potential Trade

    Just testing the waters no real reason to sell Runs and drives perfectly Looking to trade New front axle rebuild 1 trail on it New Marlin crawler 30 spline chromos Fresh gear oil everywhere Fresh oil change 5:29s locked front and rear Front and rear axles trussed ruff stuff Brand new v6...
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    SWDesign(homebuilt) Toyota X-Over Steering Build

    [/IMG]Lower Arm with top ground flush [/IMG]Upper Arm with top and bottom ground flush [/IMG]Lower Arm with holes opened up large enough to alow socket to fit thru (1") [/IMG]1' plate milled out for pitman arm [/IMG]Just need to weld and shape new pitman arm [/IMG] Pitman arm and steer arm...