car hauler

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    Wanted Looking to rent a car hauler for Easter Jeep Safari 2016

    Putting out feelers now for March 2016. I can't really justify buying a car hauler just yet. Add to that I don't really have a place to keep one at this time. Are you, or do you know of someone, willing to rent your personal car hauler for a round trip to Moab for Easter Jeep Safari March 2016...
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    Wanted Need to rent/lease a car hauler capable of towing my Rig

    There is a chance I will need to find a car hauler capable of brining my Jeep back from Big Bear late April and can't seem to find one to rent. The Jeep has 65" axles and 37" 12.50 tires on 4.5" bs wheels. I will be towing the trailer with my 2012 F350 Superduty and I'm looking for a 16'-20'...