1. Reno Off-Road

    Maxxis Trepador Competition: “Sticky” Race Tread Compound

    Maxxis Trepador Competition: “Sticky” Race Tread Compound. Available Sizes: 40X13.50-17LT, Trepador Competition 37X12.50-17LT, Trepador Competition Local delivery or shipped to your door. Call or eMail for Price: 775.553.8333 [email protected] We want to earn...
  2. D

    1800 Bullseye Pistol Match (Reno NV)

    1800 Bullseye Pistol Match (Reno NV 10/5) The Palomino Valley Gun Club is planning a 900-point .22 and 900-point CF Bullseye Pistol Match at 9am Sunday the 5th of Oct. 2014. Location is the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility, Hwy 445, Pyramid Lake Rd. The event is at the PPC West Range...
  3. D

    Smallbore Silhouette Rimfire Competition: (Reno, NV)

    Palomino Valley Gun Club is hosting rimfire (.22 LR/.17 HM2) matches at the Regional Shooting Facility located near Pyramid Lake in Reno, Nevada. The PVGC smallbore silhouette rimfire match is designed for all shooter skill levels, and features NRA hunter pistol targets engaged at four...
  4. Dennis

    Event CalROCS 2013 - Oroville, CA - April 27-28

    Come out and support Team Rushn' Racing. This and other gravity defying performances. Address: 4514 Pacific Heights Rd Oroville, CA 95965 Map: 39.476533,-121.577886