1. B

    For Sale 4 Black Wheels 5 on 5.5, 4.5" BS, 16 x 8

    Four custom built black wheels for sale. 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern with 4.5" BS. 16X8. In good condition with minimal to no scratches, best fit would likely be an older Bronco or Jeep CJ. Located in Incline Village. PM me or email me at [email protected] if interested. Asking $196 OBO for...
  2. Reno Computer Repair

    Another SMASHING success, thank you Dr. Smash Designs!

    It was time to get some more fabrication items off the list, before I became voted in as the bolt on king. First, the rear sway bar thingy. During the axle upgrade a few years ago the stock one would not fit over the Rock Jock. Several years of endless butt pucker drives on the freeway with...
  3. K

    new jeep project i need ideas

    just bought a 95 wrangler yj. it has a 4inch lift already and stubby bumpers. i just don't know what i should do i'm looking for cheap ideas. i'm thinking of cutting fenders or something....