customer service

  1. Reeves

    Summit Racing is freakin' awesome!

    I just gotta say that Summit Racing Customer Service is top notch! I ordered a set of stock replacement exhaust manifolds from them 2 weeks ago and the driver side showed up with a mfg defect from the cast that had been repaired with what appeared to be JB Weld! Needless to say I took a trip...
  2. Reeves

    Thanks Blue Torch Fab!! - worst customer service ever...BTF Jeep CJ Extreme Fuel Cell???

    What a complete joke of a company Blue Torch Fab is! I just got pretty well fawked by them and would just like to say "Thanks!" After looking at different options for fuel cells for my CJ build, I decided to go with the BTF Jeep CJ Extreme Fuel Cell. Surely not a cheap option but is stated to...