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    DV8 Offroad pricing is going up on Jan 1, 2019.

    If you are looking at getting any Rev Wheel or DV8 Offroad product, NOW IS the time. As of Jan 1, 2019 "ALL" Rev Wheel and DV8 Offroad products are going up 6.5% across the board. So not is the time to get what you are looking for before the wallet gets thinner. Post, PM, or email with...
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    DV8 Threaded Hydraulic 2.0 Bump Stops w/ 2.5" Stroke

    Sold In Pairs. Click on image below and add to cart for "BEST" price shipped in the lower 48 US. DV8 Threaded Body 2.0 Bump Stop with 2.5" Stroke (Price is Per Pair) These heavy duty bump stops install directly into the JK coil bucket and prevent the suspension from bottoming out through...
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    DV8 RANGER FB- 2 Door Fastback Hard Top

    Good day all. Looking for the fastback hard top for your 2 door JK? Well here it is. Flat rate shipping and ready to go. Click on the image below to order. DV8 Off Road Ranger Hard Tops are built in the United States and use high quality seals, fiberglass, and advanced aerodynamics to...