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    For Sale 00-03 Banks exhaust for Jeep TJ

    Used Banks Monster exhaust for sale. For 2000-2003 Jeep TJs. In good condition just need it out of the garage, asking $30 obo. Email me at [email protected] if interested. Link below for specs. http://www.quadratec.com/products/17603_602X_07_PG.htm
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    For Sale 00-03 Jeep Wrangler Banks Monster exhaust

    Banks stainless exhaust (muffler) for a 00-03 TJ. I enjoyed this setup for years however had to remove it when I went to a 4 link, simply wouldn't fit. These were advertised with 1 million mile warranties.. although I can't guarantee that it speaks for their durability. Located in Incline...
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    For Sale 00-03 Jeep Wrangler Banks Monster exhaust

    As the title states. Off my 2003 TJR, it would not fit with my new four link so I had to remove it. I have been very happy with the sound and performance but my other Wrangler is going to be an 05 so I cannot reuse this unit. Asking $85 obo, email me at [email protected] if interested.
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    Recommendation for Exhaust work?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a shop (or is capable and for hire) to install a stainless steel exhaust system on my truck. It's a cat-back exhaust system designed for a Tahoe/Yukon and I have a Sierra. I've talked to others who have had this done and I'm told the only...
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    92 wrangler exhaust leak

    This is my first thread post: on my rig my driveshaft going to the front axle is rubbing on my exhaust and is almost all the way through creating an exhaust leak. Is there any ideas of what i can do to get it off? Ive used some bale wire to pull away but keeps slipping back any ideas would be...