1. Dennis

    New overlanding site/forum "Overland Hub"

    Come and check out the new overlanding site - http://www.overlandhub.com It's still a work in progress, so be patient, and let us know what ideas you have to improve it.
  2. B

    what is an expedition to you?

    mine is as simple as going to the store on back roads to finding places on maps in other states to try and find for a few days. just wondering what others on here do.
  3. Dennis

    Ultimate "Expedition" Rig

    What would be the ultimate expedition rig, that would comfortably carry driver + 3 "full size" passengers and gear for a few days of off-road travel? Land Cruiser 80 and 100 series come to mind, as well as 4-door Land Rover Defender 110 (and 130). LR Discovery I (DII's are too fussy with all...