1. Reeves

    Thanks Blue Torch Fab!! - worst customer service ever...BTF Jeep CJ Extreme Fuel Cell???

    What a complete joke of a company Blue Torch Fab is! I just got pretty well fawked by them and would just like to say "Thanks!" After looking at different options for fuel cells for my CJ build, I decided to go with the BTF Jeep CJ Extreme Fuel Cell. Surely not a cheap option but is stated to...
  2. DirtyChemist

    F*ck gm

    WTF?!??!! I own GM stock, the company is allowed to file bankruptcy and get out scott free and now I'm screwed. WTF!??!?! No carry over of my stocks into this "New GM" that's going to "Build cars Americans (Liberal tree hugging democrats who climb trees) want" and I get screwed out of my money...