fender flares

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    For Sale Brand new custom notch fender flares xj

    Hi! We just purchased these custom Notch X-max fender flares for our xj, still in the box. They won't fit our needs, so we want to sell them for $500.00 plus shipping, we paid $580.00 with the shipping. Any questions text us at (775) 427-4997.
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    Jeep All Terrain Fender Flares on Sale

    Get that aggressive off road look with the NEW Rugged Ridge All Terrain Fender Flare! These 6 inch flares feature a stylish design while protecting your vehicle’s paint from flying rocks and mud. Click on the image for additional details. ----------------------------------...
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    Removing adhesive trim off truck paint

    I recently took the factory fender flare off my 2001 4Runner. They were fastened with scews and bolts to the body, but there was an adhesive strip accross the top to seal it to the body. When I took them off, some off it didn't come off with them, and now it looks ugly.