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    For Sale 2mm pinfire gun Glock 17

    Handmade miniature. Miniature Gun Glock 17 100% functional Action Model The scale 1:4 Price: 150$ FREE SHIPPING Handcrafted Look at this link There you can see the gun in action. There are 10 rounds included in the set. The...
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    1911 - 9mm Slide & Barrel

    1911 - 9mm Slide & Barrel........$150 Drop this on your 1911 and shoot inexpensive & soft recoiling 9mm. Used, good condition, Blue finish. $150 South Reno / Galina Vic .. 775 three four six 2345 [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Whats Up Guys Im New to Reno have a Glock 19 Gen 4 for sale hit me up

    hey whats going on guys Im New to Reno and was wondering where a good place is to go off-roading at?
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    GLOCK Gen 1 vs: Gen 4 differences

    OK, I'm sure I'll catch some flak here, but can someone explain the differences between Gen1 and Gen4? I have a very early G17 with 3 digit serial, recently fired a buddies newer one with a much nicer trigger. Should I send mine back for rehab?:confused: I know mine has no rail-mount, but I...