1. M

    Murdoc 72 K5

    Figured its about time to start a build thread for my rig Murdoc. Ive had. 75 K10 75 K5 and a 99 WJ before this. It should be pretty obvious i like big rigs with V8's. Ive always wanted a 1st gen blazer and I happened to fall for this one, so I trading in an 04 gmc envoy for it. Its had its ups...
  2. DirtyChemist

    F*ck gm

    WTF?!??!! I own GM stock, the company is allowed to file bankruptcy and get out scott free and now I'm screwed. WTF!??!?! No carry over of my stocks into this "New GM" that's going to "Build cars Americans (Liberal tree hugging democrats who climb trees) want" and I get screwed out of my money...