grand cherokee

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    Grand cherokee with Clayton's and yota axles

    Bought this about 2 years ago pretty much built out already as a desert runner. Adding more parts to it to make it even stronger and quicker. Made it into one of the 1400 5 speed grand cherokee after finding one of the 1400 in Reno Full build thread is over on jeep forum and quick...
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    Tranny issues 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo

    My daily driver is having some transmission issues and I was hoping someone could help me figure it out. It's a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2WD 4.0L Automatic transmission and it's never had any transmission issues before. On Tuesday I drove it from Portola to Truckee (about 55 miles) and it...
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    zj with thunder

    hi im nick lets go four wheeling allready i have a question about steering assistin my v8 318 i already have a early 80's box in there
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    WJ Goes Under The Knife @ Trent Fab

    I want to start this first post in my build thread with all the thank you's that are well deserved and need to be given. First and foremost, a huge thank you to Shinobi! He's been in the back ground answering all my questions and helping with all the research needed to put the parts list and...