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    Land Ops - Meteorite Strike - Research Documentary

    Research Expedition Project & Documentary (Meteorite strike) “Mysteries of Lucky Nugget” An expedition into the past A story about the Old Woman Meteorite and the spirit of discovery. The long awaited release of the Lucky Nugget documentary is here! This story and filming was over a year in...
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    Driving Deep Into A Mine - Video Trail Report

    Although we don't recommend doing what we did, we will share the video of what we did. It's not every day you get to drive your truck into the earth and that's exactly what we did. Enjoy the short video trail report
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    4x4 Roll Over During Land Ops Event - Recovered

    It's been a while since we've posted. Here's the latest...enjoy. The roll over was not a Land Ops member. The ingredients for this flat land roll over was high speed and thick mud on a not-so-dry-lake