1. stevenrenocarrera

    Good Morning from Moundhouse

    Young newbie here wanting to learn more about the 4x4 world here. I am not new to forums (, but I decided to be more in depth to the local forums. I am trying to get a feel of this website but I don't know how to change my profile picture? I have a 1994 Jeep XJ...
  2. P

    2" Suspension lift Questions

    Hello, I need new shocks and leafs for my 1990 toyota and i was thinking of just upgrading all of the suspension with a 2 inch lift. would that be a big enough difference to affect the drive shaft to the front and back? would i need new U joints for the front drive shaft? Any help would be...
  3. deyzd

    im a sand bagger

    :jawdrop:ive been here awhi:cool:le havent done any:cool: functions yet but:cool: want to just had my TJ lifted and next is new tires and rims possibly next week . But i want to get ount and ride with experienced people i just have a basic rig in progress so i guess id liketo go on some starter...