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    6-22-14 Peavine Area

    A friend and myself took to the Peavine area today, to run around on some trails. I had other things pending this morning so I want able to join in on the Sunday run, so when I had an opportunity for a spur of the moment off road adventure to an area I haven't been to yet, I jumped at it. We...
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    Looking for a ride?! Please!

    Hello, I am looking for someone I can tag along with on a ride/drive. I am trying to catch a ride to the top of Peavine, Pine Nuts, Geiger, Goni or anywhere you might be going that i can ride back down on my downhill bike. I am willing to throw whomever some gas $. Let me know if any of you...
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    Completed COMPLETED - Jeep on peavine last night

    Came across a jeep on peavine last night that needed some help and ended up borrowing his jack. By the time I got back he was gone. Looking to return the jack. If anyone knows how to contact him let me know.
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    Event Peavine cleanup 08-15/16-2009

    Peavine shooting gallery cleanup from 08-15/16-2009. Started on Saturday and got a bit done and finished on Sunday. All total, the big pile-o-trash and a 50-60 gallon bag of shotgun shells. before after before after before after result
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    Event Peavine / Horizon Hills cleanup - Sept 19, 2009 9 AM

    Where: Horizon Hills (Peavine) 395 to Lemmon Dr exit. Left on Lemmon Dr. 1/2 mile to North Virginia Right on North Virginia 1/2 mile to Seneca Left on Seneca Follow Seneca to Kiowa. (stay left at the Y), about 3/4 mile Left on Kiowa, dirt road up to kiosk Why: To help the Back Country Horsemen...