1. C


    I got my truck stuck up on peavine on the west keystone trail and was looking for someone who could help. That led me here because I don't really have any other options.
  2. LandOps

    4x4 Roll Over During Land Ops Event - Recovered

    It's been a while since we've posted. Here's the latest...enjoy. The roll over was not a Land Ops member. The ingredients for this flat land roll over was high speed and thick mud on a not-so-dry-lake
  3. D

    stuck in mud need help!!!!

    I have a 88 suburban and an 83 chevy 1500 stuck in the mud need help getting out. I am in the Lemmon valley area and have 40 bucks to my name its yours if u have the heart to help. Please give me a call at 775-291-9141 thanks......
  4. S

    Completed COMPLETED - Jeep on peavine last night

    Came across a jeep on peavine last night that needed some help and ended up borrowing his jack. By the time I got back he was gone. Looking to return the jack. If anyone knows how to contact him let me know.
  5. J

    "Recovery Help" stalled Truck on incline at Goni C.C.

    updated:RECOVERD BY MATTHEW "Recovery Help" stalled Truck at Goni C.C. HELP PLZ...I have a 4door 83' scottsdale w/ a 454 4on the floor. I was going up a rocky incline on Goni in Carson City and my cylinoid shorted out.I am stalled about 150ft up & facing up at a slight incline.I am told it...