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    Short Range Tactical Rifle (Reno)

    THIS SUNDAY 7/16: Short Range Tactical Rifle Shoot targets at 100/200/300 yards, with an hour of practice beforehand. Plenty of experienced shooters to bring you up to speed. We'll even be done well before lunch! http://palominogunclub.org/competition-info/event-descriptions/short-range-tactical/
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    For Sale Chamber Chiller Rifle Barrel Cooler

    Chamber Chiller Rifle Barrel Cooler $38 Shipped The idea behind Chamber Chiller is simple: cool the chamber, where heat often sinks into the loaded cartridge which then causes higher pressure, and deliver cool air down even the longest rifle barrel with a high-output fan. Impressive air volume...
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    Short-Range Tactical Rifle Match [Reno NV]

    Our first Short-Range Tactical Rifle Match of the season takes place on 8am Saturday 4/30 in Reno, Nevada. This event is designed for novice to intermediate skill levels, and features targets set at three distances and engaged from several improvised shooting positions. The course of fire will...
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    22LR Rimfire Rifle Shooting Match [RENO NV]

    Saturday 3/26 is the first smallbore silhouette rimfire rifle match of the season! Children 12 and younger shoot FREE, others $5-10! This event is perfect for Ruger 10/22 and Savage MKII rifles or similar. Event details here...
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    Smallbore Silhouette 22LR Rimfire Match 2015 (Reno NV)

    The PVGC smallbore silhouette rimfire match is designed for all shooter skill levels, and features NRA hunter pistol targets engaged at four separate distances in three shooting positions. This match will teach shooters: firearm safety, proper range etiquette, and basic marksmanship skills. The...
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    Long-Range F-Class Rifle, F-O and F-T/R Matches (Reno, Nevada)

    2015 Long-Range F-Class Rifle, F-O and F-T/R Matches (Reno, Nevada) The 2015 shooting season has started, so please check the PVGC event calendar for scheduled match dates. Palomino Valley Gun Club promotes multiple long range high power shooting disciplines at our 600/1000-yard events...
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    Public Target Practice Day (Reno NV)

    The Palomino Valley Gun Club invites our shooting community to join us in preparing for the upcoming hunting season with a public Target Practice Day. This event will consist of unlimited shooting from 8AM-3PM on Sunday 8/3, and is open to the general public. Paper, smallbore silhouette, and...
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    Smallbore Rimfire Practice Day (Reno: Sunday 4/6)

    LAST MINUTE NOTICE: There will be a smallbore silhouette practice and sight-in opportunity from 10AM-1PM Sunday 4/6 held on the smallbore range (see photo below) at the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility. Cost is $5 for all who participate. At this event you may shoot rimfire calibers at...
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