rock crawling

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    New to Reno 4x4

    1st off I'm Mike & thanks for letting me be part of a very well known forum!! I've known about Reno 4x4 for a longtime but just decided to Crawl into it, lol. I guess that's why some of us are here for what we do, me I'm all about getting into the jeep going somewhere new exploring and of course...
  2. C

    W.E. Rock Western #3 & CalRocs @ Donner Ski Ranch / June 23-24

    This event is the third W.E. Rock Western Pro Rock Crawling Series! Be sure to join us on Saturday and Sunday at 10am for the most extreme Rock Crawling you have ever seen! Bring a lawn chair and plan on hanging out! The most extreme rock crawling is known to happen at Donner! This year W.E...
  3. L

    June 5-6 CalROCS!

    Don't miss out on the second CalROCS event outside Reno on June 5-6. Live music on Saturday night and plenty camping available on site. Night Moto Cross to entertain the crowd and an RC competition. G-4 Network will be there to film for a show. Don't miss out on all the excitement!! :rock...