roll cage

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    For Sale Nice manual tubing bender with 2 dies

    A nice heavy duty, horizontal, manual tubing bender from M-tech supply, which is now JD2 I believe. Comes with a stand, degree ring, and 2 dies. 1 3/4" and 1 1/4". In great shape, really nice bends up to 180 degrees with no kinks. The 2 dies cost over $600 alone. Asking $650.00 Brandon...
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    question about the fam roll cage

    I have a 91 YJ and want to add the rear pipes. I won't be doing crazy off road but would like my daughter to come on a few trail runs. Is it worth buying the rear pipes from eBay 180? Or would it be better getting a custom cage maid. I don't have a welder or tube bender at the moment