rubicon trail

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  2. B

    Do you know the Rubicon Trail well?

    Hi all, I am planning a small memorial service at the graveyard area in the rubicon. it has been so long since I've been through that I can't remember how far in that area is....I believe it is at the bottom of cadillac hill, isn't it? Do you recall how far in from the Tahoe side it is? Isn't it...
  3. C

    FOTR Tahoe side of Rubicon work days

    I know a PBB link, but hey we got what we got. We need help on June 9th and 29th to work on Cadillac Hill. Any of you are wanted and welcome to be there to help out! FOTR Annual Meeting 2012, April, 14th 1PM FOTR, Its time for the FOTR...