1. J

    Rubicon run

    Planning to run the rubicon for first time and looking for others to join!!
  2. B

    For Sale Set of original Rubicon 'Moab' 16" wheels

    Nice set of Moab wheels off a Rubicon in good condition. 16X8 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern. Set of five for $500 includes one (or up to two) unused original MTR/K GY tire for that vintage look. I have them posted over on Reno CL if you want to see photos bad enough. The price is more than fair...
  3. D

    For Sale For sale or trade

    Hello, please see the attached link. I'm looking to trade my well cared for Harley Davidson for a for a Jeep Wrangler or Rubicon. My contact info. 775-843-9924 Thank you
  4. Reno Off-Road

    Jeep - Cab Cover with Door Flaps - Low Cost Solution

    These Jeep covers with door flaps are one of our top sellers. They are an easy, low cost solution to keeping your interior dry. 2 or 4 door available. We sell tops too, but when you need a quick cover, or to save money, this is the way to go. Click the image to go to our page to view, order...
  5. BrownBear

    looking for OEM Rubicon 5x4.5 x16" wheels

    Hi, I'm looking for 2 reasonably priced OEM Rubicon 5 on 4.5 16" wheels for 2003 tj.
  6. B

    bbusch's stealth Rubicon build

    Well I thought it would be a good time to start a build thread on here given I'll be getting my rig back next month and can update with pics of the new GenRight suspension overhaul with Rock Jock 60's and King coil over shocks. I have been building this rig for over 12 years now and she's...
  7. M

    For Sale BORA Jeep JK Wheel Spacers

    BORA Adapters - Off-Road Adapters, by Motorsport Tech. Since 1996, Motorsport Tech’s Adapters and Spacers have been designed, built, tested, and proven in the toughest conditions on Earth - We’ve outfitted vehicles in the US Military for combat duty, desert racing pre-runners, Arctic...
  8. B

    Rubicon July 20-22 Drivers Wanted Please

    Hi all! I am planning a memorial service at the memorial area at the bottom of Cadillac Hill. I have a total of 7 people going and only have seats for 3. I need rides for 4 people for the occasion. Dates are 7/20 in to the Rubicon from Tahoe, 7/21 morning short service for Larry Cash, and 7/22...
  9. B

    Any 4 wheeling Preachers out there?

    I am starting to plan a small memorial service at the bottom of Cadillac Hill (graveyard site) Rubicon Trail for this summer. It is for long time avid 4 wheeler Larry Cash, who passed away of cancer. I am looking to rent at least one ATV to ride in from Tahoe to the bottom of Cadillac and back...
  10. C

    FOTR Tahoe side of Rubicon work days

    I know a PBB link, but hey we got what we got. We need help on June 9th and 29th to work on Cadillac Hill. Any of you are wanted and welcome to be there to help out! FOTR Annual Meeting 2012, April, 14th 1PM FOTR, Its time for the FOTR...