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    Best Autoglass Shop?

    My 2001 4Runner is in need of a new windshield, what's the best shop (work quality/price) in the area?
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    2001 4Runner Headlight Issues

    Today, I installed new Sylvania Xtravision 9003 bulbs. I also disabled my DRL's by cutting Pin 12 in the D8 assembly under the steering wheel. I didn't want the bulbs to burn out any faster than they had to. I made sure it was the correct wire (Black with yellow stripe). It did disable the DRL...
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    Preventing Toyota Rusting

    I've noticed a bit of rust on my frame and inside my bumpers (the chrome ones for now) on my 2001 4Runner. What should I do to get rid of it/stop it from spreading?
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    Leveling Kit on 2001 4runner

    I wan't some more ground clearance before I go to Moab this summer (hopefully) so I thought I'd look into some leveling kits, as they get the job done for less. I'm thinking of this kind-...
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    Undercarriage washing

    Is there anywhere I should avoid pressure washing?
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    After Graduation, I'm going to Moab for a few days. Anyone have any experience there? If so, can you give me some pointers like what to bring, what to expect etc. Also, my rig isn't built too much, so I need to know what the eaier trails are. I'm not looking for the big steps or the hot tubs...
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    Fire Extinguisher Mounting

    I mounted a fire extinguisher on the right of my console. Used 3 #14x 1" sheet metal screws to mount the bracket. A little finicky working around the carpet and padding, but it worked. Should I be concerned about its strength, say in an accident or sudden stop? Is there anything I could have...
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    I have issues with bumpsteer on my 2001 4Runner. It's stock for now, but I'll eventually get a 2-3" lift. Is there anything I can do to resolve the issue? I know when you put in a lift you can get a steering stabilizer, but is there anything I can do otherwise, as in driving Technique...
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    I'm interested in driving to Cabo San Lucas some day, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience down there?
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    On-Board Air

    So I went to Harbor Freight today and picked up a 5 gallon portable air tank, 20' of 1/4 200 psi rated hose and a tire chuck. And a Machete. haha. All in all, about $42 bucks (about $37 for the non-machete parts). Ideas on where to put it in my rig? How to secure it? Thanks!
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    Removing adhesive trim off truck paint

    I recently took the factory fender flare off my 2001 4Runner. They were fastened with scews and bolts to the body, but there was an adhesive strip accross the top to seal it to the body. When I took them off, some off it didn't come off with them, and now it looks ugly.