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    For Sale Currie HD tie rod for sale removed from a TJ

    $80. I can meet up in the Tahoe Basin, Truckee area or Reno/Carson Valley. The rod ends need to be replaced/serviced. Unit is not bent or abused. Email me at [email protected] if interested.
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    2000 XJ Sloppy Steering

    I have a 2000 XJ with a 3 1/2 inch lift and 31's. Recently had to replace ball joints with adjustable ball joints on both sides. At the same time we replaced the ball joints, found that the passenger side knuckle was bad, so also replaced that and installed a new XRC bumper and winch. When...
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    vibrations / alignment

    so i have been having these bad vibrations in my front end, majority of the vibes were because of some old beat up coil spacers i had installed. now it vibrates a little because my alignment is out of wack. i have a lot of play in the steering, i can turn my wheel about 45 degrees or so before...
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    SWDesign(homebuilt) Toyota X-Over Steering Build

    [/IMG]Lower Arm with top ground flush [/IMG]Upper Arm with top and bottom ground flush [/IMG]Lower Arm with holes opened up large enough to alow socket to fit thru (1") [/IMG]1' plate milled out for pitman arm [/IMG]Just need to weld and shape new pitman arm [/IMG] Pitman arm and steer arm...