1. S

    Wanted My XDm 9c back! This is a buyer beware post.

    If you come across a really cheap, black XDm 9 compact, Sn# MG883237, for sale or trade, it is because the gun was stolen from Golden Valley, Reno, NV, on the night of July 3rd. It was in a Safariland OWB black kydex holster. I have a feeling it was punk-a$$ kids, but no proof. I forgot it in my...
  2. CashMoney

    STOLEN VEHICLE!!!! in Mound House

    Link to owners thread Its a red suzuki samurai with gray doors. it was stolen with a trailer around 2-3pm yesterday they think. riverdriving is the member whose rig was stolen and I was asked by a buddy of his to put this up, if you...