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    2000 F350 Stock springs or swap 6" lift for stock suspension

    I am planning to reduce the lift on the 2000 F350 I bought recently. I am looking for stock F350 suspension components (leaf springs, rear blocks, pitman arm, etc). Let me know if you have any of these. I would also be interested in some sort of swap for the 6" lift (all spring lift by Revtek)...
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    i just installed my "new" tuff country adjustable lcas. my question is, are they supposed to be loud? i cant quite describe the noise but once i get above 25 mph it gets loud. is this because of the poly bushings opposed to my oem rubbers? its loud and annoying but i like how they feel off road...
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    2" Suspension lift Questions

    Hello, I need new shocks and leafs for my 1990 toyota and i was thinking of just upgrading all of the suspension with a 2 inch lift. would that be a big enough difference to affect the drive shaft to the front and back? would i need new U joints for the front drive shaft? Any help would be...