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    Registering a Diesel Land cruiser

    Hi, I'm just in the process of moving to Reno and trying to figure out registering a diesel conversion. The state I'm coming from doesn't care about swaps, inspections or smog. It's still titled as gas. I understand that Washoe county is a no go for registering a conversion. Are any of the...
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    For Sale WJ knuckles for XJ swap

    I have been sitting on WJ knuckles (with JKS spacer welded in place) for far too long. Includes '01 XJ unit bearings (unused, purchased 6+ years ago) I'll throw in the junk yard WJ caliper brackets, Akebono calipers & pads for both sides. In addition to the other parts needed for this swap the...
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    SM465 IN MY YJ?

    Hello All, I have already installed sm465 w/np205 in my rig. I am currently having an issue with clearance on my stock cross member / skid plate in relation to my t-case outputs. Has anyone done this before, and if so what was your solution? I do have the means and ability to fab one myself...