1. BrownBear

    Shop Recommendations for 3rd Gen Tacoma lift

    Hey Everybody, I want to lift my 2019 Tacoma. I need shop recommendations for approx. 3" lift, possible trimming, upper control arms, maybe lower, and alignment. Want to run 285/75/16 or larger in the future. Any help is appreciated.[/SIZE]
  2. P

    New to Reno 4x4

    Hi guys my name is Riley. I'm new to the site. Anyone have any tips for simple add-ons to my truck? It's 2006 tacoma
  3. M

    What's your favorite trail??

    Hey Reno 4x4 friends. What and where is your favorite trail in the area? Pics if you have them. Thanks!
  4. M

    BORA - Toyota Tacoma Wheel Spacer Kits

    BORA Adapters - Off-Road Adapters, by Motorsport Tech. Since 1996, Motorsport Tech’s Adapters and Spacers have been designed, built, tested, and proven in the toughest conditions on Earth - We’ve outfitted vehicles in the US Military for combat duty, desert racing pre-runners, Arctic...