1. R

    I am Jeff....

    Hi Reno 4x4ers, My name is Jeff and I drive a 2014 Tundra TRD. I really enjoy moderate trails, especially in combination with rock hounding, ghost town hunting and petroglyph exploration, etc. I have a wife and my daughter is soon to be eight. I'm based in Reno and am always up for a local...
  2. R

    Looking to compile a list of all the trails in the Reno/Sparks region

    As I am new to the offroading scene I am looking to get a list of all the trails around here (within 30 minutes of driving). So far I have only gone up in the BLM land in Caughlin Ranch behind Scholaris. Please post the trail name and where to enter if you can!
  3. M

    What's your favorite trail??

    Hey Reno 4x4 friends. What and where is your favorite trail in the area? Pics if you have them. Thanks!
  4. L

    Full Year Membership for $4 ?!!

    Yep, that's right, check it out: The BlueRibbon Coalition Announces Its New Member Incentive Program We have never experienced such a relentless onslaught against OHV recreation and access as we are right now. Almost daily, we learn of some new planning initiative, a new piece of Wilderness...
  5. DirtyChemist


    Anyone think they want to go riding after this recent cold spell lifts? I'm looking for something to do on days off and I see all the trails around in these posts. Looking for someone to ride with. I don't have a huge suspension travel bike built for downhill. Just a hardtail with maybe 3"...
  6. Pariah

    Should the Trails and Offroad Locations forum be members only?

    The Trails and Offroad Locations forum is being underutilized IMO. I'm not sure why but perhaps people don't want to publicly share locations of local trails with the general public (i.e. any yahoo with an internet connection). This forum could be a great resource for all of us. Mabey if it was...
  7. BurbanHunter


    The season is upon us! What's your favorite hike/trail? GPS location of your favorite trailhead?