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    Wanted 1975 CJ5 Wanted, spare tire and rim, soft top, front axle, rear seat

    Hi all, I'm new here and new to 4x4ing. Just bought my first rig! Its a 1975 CJ5. I'm looking to purchase some stuff that we need for it. Looking for: 1. Spare tire and rim, were running 285/75R16 and they are old school steel rims with 5 lugs, 4.5 inch backspacing I think. Ive been to every...
  2. J

    trac bar broke @ axle bracket :(

    HELP trac bar broke @ axle bracket :( Needs to be welded. Anyone want to make a 12 pack this afternoon? Dont have a welder or I would attemt this myself. I have tools though.
  3. M

    LOST! walker evans beadlock wheel

    So a little past a month ago, near pyramid lake, i lost a WALKER EVANS BEADLOCK wheel with a 35" DICK CEPEK crusher on it. If you found it, or know who did, i have a cash reward for you. i really need this wheel back. any help would be greatly appreciated.