1800 Bullseye Pistol Match (Reno NV)

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1800 Bullseye Pistol Match (Reno NV 10/5)

The Palomino Valley Gun Club is planning a 900-point .22 and 900-point CF Bullseye Pistol Match at 9am Sunday the 5th of Oct. 2014. Location is the Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility, Hwy 445, Pyramid Lake Rd. The event is at the PPC West Range immediately to the left of the Public Range as you drive in.
The course of fire will be 25 yards from the standing position using one hand with no support. There are no turning targets so this match is neither NRA approved or registered.
90 rounds are fired and each round has the highest value of 10 points. The first 900-points is fired in .22 so a person can use a .22 semi-auto or revolver (very tough for rapid fire). The next 900 is CF (center fire) ammunition, such as 9mm, .32, .38, and .45 calibers using semi -auto or revolver pistols.
Entry fee is $10 for the 1800. Awards are for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd for each 900. Please plan to be at the range by 8:15 am.

Read more at http://palominogunclub.org/1101/bullseye-pistol-match-description/