1973 Wagoneer

Dr. Marneaus

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1973 Wagoneer for sale. $7000 OBO.

Engine: 1987 AMC 360 with 1973 4bbl intake. MSD Atomic Fuel Injection, with MSD Streetfire Ignition, MSD TFI type coil, and modified/locked out stock distributor to allow the EFI to control timing. Tanks Inc. In-Tank pump mounted in a modified factory gas tank. All braided stainless lines and AN fittings, regulator, etc etc etc. Runs strong. Good oil pressure.

Transmission/Transfer Case: TH400 and Dana 20

Axles/brakes: 1977 and 1976 Front (disc brakes) and Rear (drum brakes) D44's with 3.54's. Front got new ball joints, new u joints, new steering drag link, tie rod, tie rod ends when swapped, rear got new axle bearings. All brake components were replaced. Every part of the brake system was replaced with the exception of a single hard line.

Tires/Suspension: 4" BJ's off road all spring lift. 33x10.50 BFG KO2's on factoy 15x6 rims with factory dog dish hub caps. Like 75%+ tread left. No weird wear. One front spring pack "clunks" when you dry turn, bushings are all good.

Interior: It kinda sucks but its servicable. No big rips or anything, but front seat isnt original upholstery, rear has some poke holes, head liner is falling. Cargo area is bed lined to match the jeep color, with home made bed lined side panels.

Body/Exterior: Minor rust, silver dollar hole behind passenger rear wheel, few pinholes in front of borh rear wheels. Few pin holes in cargo area floor. FLOOR BOARDS ARE SOLID. FRAME IS SOLID. No rust anywhere else. Inner edge of rear fenders were trimmed, front corners of front fenders were trimmed. It has been repainted long long long before i ever got it. Passenger door is wavy, looks like a kinda crappy dent repair. Its got plenty of dings, scrapes, scratches, touch ups, etc. Wood grain has started peeling, 9 years after I installed it. I have a ton of extra to go with it....I may even do it if I feel like it. Overall looks fantastic from 10'. Most of the window wipes and seals and stuff are gone, its a dusty desert truck.

Other work/Upgrades:
Interior spare tire carrier
700w inverter mounted in cargo area
Aluminum Radiator
100 Amp Powermaster Alternator
B&M Transmission cooler
Rewired tailgate window with late model motor and relays
Ammeter bypassed so it wont catch on fire
Headlights upgraded to H4's with relays
Ammo can speakers in the cargo area
Grab handles on A pillars.

I dunno what else, I'm sure I'll think of more. I've been driving this thing for 10 years and constantly working on and upgrading things. I have put over 30,000 miles on this thing all over NV, CA and AZ. It's been the main camping and 4x4 rig for my wife and I for the past 10 years. Not sure what else to say. Its a 45 year old jeep, it does 45 year old jeep stuff, both good and bad. Its got 45 year old jeep quirks. I have regularly taken it on several hundred mile trips. I drove it here from Vegas, I've driven it to Mendocino county a few times, its been to death valley, Ely, Lake Havasu, lots of closer places too. That being said I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere, but THAT being said, I know it inside and out and have touched every part of it. I've replaced nearly all of the weird later 60's/early 70's stuff with the much more common mid/late 70's on up stuff.

Spark notes: Good running truck that works, and looks decent from a few feet.

I could talk about it for hours. You know how it goes.

Looking for $7000.