2001 Explorer won’t rev past 3,200ish


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Hey, any Ford gurus ever tackle something like this? My mom’s Explorer 4.0L won’t rev past about 3,200rpm. Pulls hard and shift great up to that point, but just falls flat on it’s face.

Problems started as a misfire P0302/P0306. That’s a shared coil in the pack, so we replaced coil pack and plugs. Problem came back as P0300 random misfire, and she decided to have another guy do plugs and wires again. Random misfire codes kept coming, sometimes on a specific cylinder and sometimes not. We’ve replaced the fuel filter, no help, and I just finished a new set of injectors, no help.

Doesn’t matter if it’s in park or drive, WOT or just cruising, shifting gears by hand or letting it run automatic. It acts like a rev limiter thinks it’s in park, but reverse lights do function so I don’t think neutral switch is faulty.

Anyone ever deal with something similar on a 4.0L Explorer?