2016 Hunting Appliacation, Tags, Results

Sierra Valley

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Who put in? Where'd you put in? This is my first time putting in for Nevada tags. Did a group tag with my brother for Deer and did elk and antelope on my own. Hoping I get lucky and get some Nevada tags this year.

And when are the tag results?


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I put in for antlered mule deer and cow elk again. Kept the deer app closer to home this time. Have taken three cow elk out of Mary's River Basin area in the last 4 years, and three deer. Last year was the first time I didn't get an elk, mostly due to a broken rear pinion yoke, transmission mount, and plugged fuel pickup in the tank. Did score a forked horn deer out by Unionville. Probably won't even get a tag this year. Maybe some day I'll even get out on another 4x run with you guys. Then again...


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Put in for mule deer group hunt and also a shorter than ears speed goat hunt with my dad and brother in law. Hoping for a good draw this year.

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floor ya

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put in for everything i can. i usually hunt 3 or 4 states every year.
this year will be
alaska,wyoming,arizona,west virgina,and maybe idaho if i dont draw anything in nevada.


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[h=2]They usually post the results online a week before results release date.

2016 Big Game Application Calendar[/h]
Main DrawSecond DrawFirst Come
First Serve Draw
Application Period OpensMarch 21June 10July 22
Application Period DeadlineApril 18June 27November 22
Bonus Point Application and
Application Withdrawal Closes
April 25June 5N/A
Results Release DateJune 10July 22N/A


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I waited until the last minute and left my book at work. I put in for antlered deer and pronghorn around the Reno area (19, 02) since it was all I could think of. I MIGHT have put in for bonus points too.


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Muley 160s with antlerless depredation, shorter than ears speed goat. Gonna be busy

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I didn't get anything, but my brother got elk 072 early and antelope behind our houses in Spanish Springs! Glad I will still be going hunting!