2017 tags!!


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Got it 161 group muley buck hunt, gonna be a good one.

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Mule Deer 203 after 4 years of applying for tags. It's my first deer tag so anyone with knowledge of the area or a good spot to possibly find a 4 point would be GREATLY appreciated. It's the first year I've ever thought to myself "I'll probably get one this year" and it actually happened.


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My oldest daughter(14) and I drew archery antelope for 067,078

Youngest daughter(12) drew horns shorter antelope for the same area.

Both of the girls drew junior deer tags for 16.


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This was my first year applying and I got nada (as expected). But a buddy of mine who I applied with for same areas got a mule deer tag out in 071. He went through hunter's safety with me and it was his first year applying too, lucky bastard.