2019 Rubicon Annual Report

Simple Man

El Dorado County has released their 2019 Annual Rubicon Report.

I didn't see it on their website (the 2018 is still posted): https://www.edcgov.us/Rubicon/

There is a cool report there on the financial impact of the Rubicon on both El Dorado and Placer Counties. Spoiler alert, we spend a lot of money in those two counties to cover our OHV expenses.

The 2019 report can be found on my website right now: theotherrubicon.com

Vickie Sanders runs the Rubicon Trail efforts within El Dorado County and will be helping the Tahoe National Forest maintain the trial within Placer County in 2020. She will be at a Rubicon Trail meeting the hour before the Off-Road Motorsports Expo opens on Saturday March 28th, 9-10am. Bring your questions.