$25,000 in Prize Money for Hellsgate Grand Prix

Jeff Knoll

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I must be Crazy

When we get 30 Cars we will Double the Prize Money for the Unlimited 4WD Class. That means that 10th place gets their entry fee back.

In addition we are working on two additional ways to earn a prize racing. I feel safe leaking out that we are close to doing a Jump Contest like the Laughlin Leap which will be sponsored by Yukon Gear called the Yukon Launch, and I have another idea up my sleeve that I need to discuss with the racers.
The Launch will take place at the end of the day and will be free for every entry that is still running after the race.

Details here

HellsGate GrandPrix Double Down Bonus Money.

The Hellsgate GrandPrix just got a whole lot more interesting. The prize money for the Unlimited 4WD race at the Wild West Motorsports Park is set at $10,000, but we want to go BIGGER!

For years I have heard racers ask for deeper prize money payouts, and we are going to step up and make that happen for the first running of the HellsGate GrandPrix July 18-19, 2014.

When we hit 30 entries we will double down on the Prize money, and pay out all the way to 10th place. This puts the payback for this event at over 100% entry fee pay out when we get to 30 teams.

In addition our UTV race, which races on its own course will maintain its $5000 purse. Making the total event prize payout $25,000

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Here is the payout structure for 30 U4WD entries.

1st. $8000.00
2nd $4000.00
3rd $1700.00
4th $1200.00
5th $1100.00
6th $1000.00
7th $900.00
8th $800.00
9th $700.00
10th $600.00

If we don’t get to 30 entries are payout looks like this:
1st $5000.00
2nd $3500.00

So you can see not only do we bump the top 3 spots payout, but also we pay down all the way to 10th place with this structure.

As the event grows we hope to continue with this tradition and set benchmarks that increase the Prize Money and deeper payback. This prize money structure applies only to the main event.

Couple this with our parties, and great room rate, I hope who ever is left running at Glen Helen will see a value in pulling up to Reno for a kick ass week of fun.

If you are planning on coming I suggest you contact the Nugget with our Room Code "GoFast" if you are racing, and "GoPlay" if you plan to party. I heard today that rooms are getting thin. Call them for the room block.