$405 Ar-15 from ground zero precision


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Thanks for this. Looks like quality parts on it too, and it's not bare basics either. Taking FOREVER to get it shipped lol, bl hopefully that's because it is good quality and demand is high.

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yeah, i ordered one as well, still waiting for shipping. They said a few weeks to assemble and ship. As far as high demand goes, they have a couple guys building them, and got I'm sure hundreds of orders.


Picked mine up from Juggernaut arms yesterday. Everything looked good.
For a Total of $470 shipped and taxed, I'm very happy.

Added a front grip and Flip up iron sights I had extra.



Back in the beginning of October I received this kit. The sale was 30%off if $1000 spent, so i went in with my dad and brother-in-law.

Bought a few other little parts for it also, total came to $360.

Tried my hand at cerakoting. Turned out ok, I messed up a few areas, but not too bad. The white was hard. too thin in some areas, and a couple drips in some areas. Overall though, Im happy with it for a first try.

So far, of the 5 rifles/kits I've been a part of ordering from them, they have all worked great.