6.4 Powerstroke


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Yesterday I noticed my CEL and abs lights were on after I got to work. I have a cold air intake, the dpf deleted, full egr delete (coolers and valve/elbow), and an h&s minimax tuner with can tunes. The minimax pulled the following codes:
P1639- vehicle id block not programmed correctly.
P163A- ford generator B control circuit.
P0603- internal control module keep alive memory (KAM) error.

I was able to clear all except the P1639 code.
I can not re-program the truck or return it to stock tuning and get a locked screen reading "Downloader Is installed on truck with this vin "(gives my trucks correct vin)" please return to stock" after completing the tuning sequence in what appears a successful manner as normal.
I haven't noticed any issues except lately when it gets cold if I don't wait for the glow plug light to go out plus give it some extra time, when I turn the key it cranks about halfway over, stutters/pauses/ shorts like the batteries are dead, then continues to crank, fire and idle normally.
Any ideas or advice how to fix the start and tuning problems would be greatly appreciated.
I apologize if this has been covered but the search function isn't working on my phone and my laptop is dead due to too much internet porn. And could you please me best cold air intake for 6.4 powerstroke in your opinion. THX!!!!