78Chief''s 2003 Subaru WRX (EVO Killer):


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Ok, so a little background on my baby. I picked this car up (near stock) about 2 years ago with 42k miles sitting on the clock in Virginia Beach, VA (it now has 59,960). I got it because i wanted to have some fun at the local meets and do some cone killing (auto-x) and i needed to get out from under a lemon. Alas, when the navy moves you, you have to adjust to new areas. I have since turned it into a 13.7 second 1/4 mile drag car. It would run faster, but im having issues with a boost leak, but i think i have narrowed it down to the problem. (bypass valve is disagreeing with the new turbo). This thing spools EXTREMELY quick, and will get out from under you if you are not ready. Full boost is achieved as early as 4k RPMS. (earlier depending on weather) And onto the mod list:

2.0L Boxer (EJ205)

VF-39 turbo (out of the 04-05 STI)
STI intercooler (stock BPV)
JDM STI Pink 545cc injectors
Subaru Performance Technology (SPT) Intake
Iridium plugs (1 step colder)
New Yellow top battery
Cobb Stage 3 tuned to ~18 PSI boost.
Catless Up Pipe
Catted Down Pipe
Catless Mid pipe
Straight pipe from Mid pipe back

Suspension, Brakes, Wheels:
BC Racing Type BR coilovers (Custom valved for higher spring rates 14k front 12k rear)
GT Spec Front Strut bar
GT Spec Rear Strut Bar
GT Spec Trunk Cage
Eibach Rear Camber Bolts
Powerslot Slotted Brake Rotors (stock calipers)
17x8 Rota Boost Wheels (plasti-dipped black)
225/35 Nitto N3000 tires (some alignment wear, have since fixed alignment)
This thing is low, and could go lower. rides rough, not a family car, it is a race car!

MISC/Interior/ TRANS:
Sony DVD indash player (with Sunvisor Monitors on both sides)
Custom 834 gram Shift knob (made out of an old computer monitor swivel off of USS Enterprise, made by me. REALLY HEAVY, but totally awesome)
Off brand Short Shifter (~30-35% reduction in length)
All new Shift bushings (poly, extremely durable, provides very firm shifting)
JDM V7 Headlights (retail for around $1,000 new)
JDM Yellow Foglights
JDM Foglight Covers
JDM Hood Scoop (not color matched, plasti-dipped with hood)
Hood is plasti-dipped black (to protect the remaining clearcoat)
Trunk Wing is removed, Trunk is plasti-dipped

The great!: This thing is still a insane mountian carver! i took this up the truck route going into Virginia City during the road races. I dont think i ever saw below 60-65 MPH, most of it was at 85+. Extremely fun ride! Its just as fun in a straight line though.

The bad current:
Needs a new clutch if its going to be raced (not that bad to do, i have just been concentrating on the jeep)
Troubleshooting boost issues. i think its the stock BPV i have paired with the increased boost. Its old and beat on, so im sure its the issue. After that, if it doesnt fix the issue, ill start replacing all the turbo hoses until i find the one leaking. I want moar boost!

Basically, i love this car, and have pumped thousands of dollars into it. I feel that it recently saved my life, I was headed down I-80 towards reno from fernley, had just gotten onto the interstate, and a truck threw a sign at my window off the road. When i swerved, i narrowly missed the traffic next to me (i was in the left lane), and then hit a bump crossing the 25 degree crown on that road. This resulted in the rear end bouncing, causing me to spin out and go into the center median at about 65 (sideways). Had the car not been set up like it was, i would have most surely rolled, but it sayed on all 4's and just resulted in one of the PVC road markers to take some paint off the driver door and break my driver mirror lens. No insurance was filed because we did not get any information off the truck, as he sped up and kept going after the incident. Had i not swerved, the sign would have hit the driver side windshield, and knowing my luck, probably made it through to me. Now for the point of everything, and the point of this post. I am thinking about trying to get rid of it, because the idea of being out of Debt before i get out of the Naval Service tickles my fancy. I owe $15,000 on this car, due to me having to trade out from under a lemon (due to Virginia not having a Lemon law). It hurt, and it still hurts. In the perfect world, i would get what i owe on it.

Note: I am not posting it for sale at this time. But i would also like to encourage anybody who wants to look at it, or even if you want to take a ride in it to give me a call. tire kickers are welcome, sure, maybe you'll decide you like it. You will have to come to Fallon to check it out. It has ran nothing but full synthetic oil since i have owned it, and i always change it a little early. I have put 18000 miles on this car in a little under 2 years of driving it. partially because i made a trip across the US in it. Interesting facts: Why am i doing this? Because Racecar. did you know that Racecar backwards spells racecaR?

not current images, will get some more current pics and pics of the damage discussed to put in here.

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oh yah, you got it there. the only one id rather is have is the Blobeye (peanut) 04-05. Love the round front end on them. But i love my Bugeye. Best car i have ever owned.


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Easy and cheap way to test for your boost leak, go to the hardware store and get some PVC or copper pipe end caps and put a tire valve stem in one. Clamp on the turbo and engine sides to the boots and pressurize then squirt dish soap mixed with water on everything till you find where it bubbles!


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With the work you've done with it, I imagine you could get close to paying off that loan. I mean, you're running all STi parts for the most part except the junk STi transmission. The WRX sport came with a way healthier trans. So in my eyes, you have an STi with an upgraded transmission.


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yes, that is at topgun with heat soak, only pushing 13 psi and a slipping clutch. so im missing ALOT of top end power. Should be pushing ~18 tapering to ~15.5.
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thats kinda what i was thinking. even the newer STI's run mid 13s-low 14s stock. 11's is hella fast for a subaru..


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Huh? The sti's tranny is 10x stronger than the pos that they use in the wrx. Pretty common to spray 2nd gear all over the pavement in a wrx. Also my 07 wrx would eat stock sti's and I was nowhere near 11's....even when I took it down to sea level.


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agreed. the 6 speed is the good one in the Subarus. the evos are the ones with glass 6 speeds. The subaru 5 speeds have issues holding anything over 350 HP before they get bad. Even with built cryo gears / straight cuts, 450-475 is the max you can expect one to handle.