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I picked up a 8.25 with a posi in it this weekend for next to nothin. how does it compare to the 44? It came out of an XJ so it is Spring over, Will the pads line up with a YJ? Looking for thoughts.:rolling: :no: :yes: :D :rolleyes:


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what year? new ones had 29 spline axle shafts, stronger than older 27 splined ones. i believe 29 spline shafts started in 97. the lowest gear ratio you can put in is 4.56. 29 spline ones are weaker than Dana 44, but still a great upgrade over Dana 35. Older 27 splined axle can be converted to 29 spline, but you need a new carrier.


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cutthroat said:
Stronger in several areas and alloy shafts are less than $250. Trim the crap out of the lower lip on the differential.


I think denis ment the 27 spline