9/10/2005 Deer Valley Trail

Norm the Big

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I had a really good time. I was able to get a feel for my vehicle after all the work I've done. An enjoyable day had by all. There's a couple of XJ shots in here for those interested as well. click here


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Cool pics! Looks like you guys had alot of fun. I'd like to try deer valley sometime before it snows up there--seeing as how nobody wants to buy my jeep, i'm stuck with it (which isn't really a bad thing :))


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which way did u run DVT? we usually run from hermit valley northbound to blue lakes-- altho just last month we ran it 'backwards' from blue lakes south to hermit valley. i like the northbound direction-- many more obstacles, etc. But either way, good moderate trail. The bonus is a sopt at grovers hot springs in markleeville for a post trail soak.


Norm the Big

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I had wanted to run it both ways but having to replace Adam's water pump changed that. We were camped out at the Upper Blue Lake Damsite Campground so we went from Blue Lakes to Hwy 4. My extended wheelbase and 38s didn't help me on those last switchbacks. I had to do a couple point turn on a few of them.