97 Tacoma "RuSerle"

Day 1 ± a couple weeks:

Today (will keep updating this picture):

List of stuff:
OME coilovers and rear AAL with shocks
Freedom UCAs for caster
15x10 ProComp wheels
33/12.5 ProComp MT2 meats
Tinted and stereo-d with 8" pioneer shallow mount sub
Hannemann 4 in fiberglass fenders
07 WRX seats
Frame stiffening in the front
Bank deposit box for tools
Angled spare mount
Stuff mounted everywhere
Lights lights lights
E locker wired to DPDT switch
Tundra front skid modified for her pleasure
A busted ass pieced together snorkel that works
Some other crap I can't remember...

The story:

So, while I've been gone from the forum over gotten my degree in physics, worked for a defense contractor, sold the YJ, had a couple other cars and one failed project. I had been bugging my aunt to let me buy her Tacoma for years to no avail. She bought it for 1k from a kid who didn't take care of it very well, but no matter, she used it around the ranch and didn't need tons of maintenance, she just wanted to know it would perform its function of hauling things and being a truck.

Last year, she was finally succumbing to an 11-year battle with cancer. I was messing with her about still buying the truck for not a penny more than 3x what she paid when she said, "Sean, I'm dying, you can just have it."


This woman has done so much for me over the years. She really was one of my favorite people. She gave me a roof when I got out of the military, she co-signed my first auto loan, she was just an awesome human.

For the first year I just drove around and did truck things. Then a couple months ago I decided to change the timing belt. 130k is how much the previous belt had. It was shitwhipped. Started looking harder... All the boots for everything looked original... 241k or 22 years old. It needed some TLC.

So I started doing what I do... Obsessing over this. I'm in the middle of changing all the bad right now. However, I also like driving to cool spots where cars can't go. To do that, it's time for upgrades.

Unlike my last 4x4, I know a lot more now, so I'll be taking my time and doing a solid trail rig that can be DDed.

I got the plate RuSerle because my aunt's name was Jill RuSerle Kortie... And the plate Jill seemed silly.


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Great story, your aunt sounds like a fantastic person. Build it, and enjoy it, in honor of her memory.